CEPPAD has arranged quite a number of exciting events lined up this year. These include tree planting project and CEPPAD official launch Dinner. There will be skills training for various income generation projects which include skills training workshops for Detergent making, Fish farming, Bee keeping and mushroom farming for Mutare Teachers College Students and Staff, local community members, people living with Albinism, the blind, deaf, physically handicapped persons and many other disadvantaged and marginalized communities. There is also a day set up to visit those who are incarcerated at Mutare prisons to talk and get to help them with some of their necessities. School visits will be done to try and help disadvantaged students with stationery, school fees, and sexual reproductive necessities especially for the girl child. A special day is also going to be set up for people living with HIV and Aids and also the orphans so that their necessities can be arranged and distributed to them. Water and Sanitation in remote areas is also going to be slotted in our programs so that poor communities are given necessary help. Psycho - social support through our programs is going to be arranged for people living in rural communities to stop drug and substance abuse.

Fri 12 Oct 2021| Dangamvura Mountain

As CEPPAD we have realized that Dangamvura mountain which used to be beautifully covered with a camouflage of different trees and tall grass is now bare. Most of the trees have been either burnt or cut down for firewood exposing the mountain to a serious threat of soil erosion. We are initiating a project of re – planting indigenous trees in that mountain in partnership with Forestry Commission and the city of Mutare. A campaign for the enforcement of city by-laws that protect Dangamvura Mountain in an endeavor to deter people from cutting down trees is going to be done. The city fathers, local communities and other stakeholders will be invited to witness the planting of such trees.

05 April 2021 | Mutare Teachers College
Detergents Training Workshop for Students

Mutare teachers college students are going to be empowered in the form of a skills training workshop for detergent making. This will come in handy for those who might want to start their own income - generating project to help themselves in paying their college fees and other necessities. These student teachers may also go out and impart those skills in the communities where they come from and where they will be finally deployed to work after the completion of their courses.

05 June 2021 | Mutare
Shoe polish Training workshop for the physically handicapped persons in Mutare

People who are physically handicapped face a lot of challenges regarding securing employment so that they put food on the table for their loved ones. CEPPAD is offering training for this group in order to mitigate their plight. Those who come forward and participate in this project will get a lot of opportunities to get jobs elsewhere and also for self-employment.

22 June 2021 | Mutare
Floor polish making for Mutare Teachers College Students

This event was graced by the Vice principal of Mutare Teachers College Mr Gotore and the Dean of students Mrs Nyamujara. Both male and female Students were trained on how to make different colours of Floor Polish particularly the popular red as well as the white Floor Polish. The Students were taught how to mix the ingredients, safety measures, financial and marketing skills for the product. They proudly appreciated their newly acquired knowledge and promised to use this income generation project to create employment in their communities.

17 April 2021 | Mutare Teachers College
Detergents Training Workshop for staff members of Mutare Teachers College

Both lecturing and non-lecturing staff are going to be capacitated by CEPPAD with detergents making skills on the above mentioned date. Such skills are going to help them in creating employment through starting their own businesses which may grow into big companies. These trained people may also act as ambassadors in training others on how to make detergents so that communities will have quite a number of members with entrepreneurial skills.

24 April 2021 | Mutare Zimunya Township
Soap Making training Workshop for people living with Albinism in Zimunya

People living with Albinism are going to be empowered with soap making skills on 24th April. Their newly acquired income generation skills will enable them to start their own businesses for manufacturing and selling soap. This Entrepreneurial project is done for employment creation to mitigate the effects of poverty on the Albino Community.

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